Hermanitos Verdes is formed by a group of european architects, all of them born during the age of beat, pop art, libertarian utopies and free-love.

Mainly dedicated to the design of schools and community buildings, they're interested as well in social housing, and are experienced in landscape and city planning.

The office, with an open and flexible structure, takes advantage of the collaboration of qualified specialists, and can answer to any need in the fields of architecture, design and planning.

Hermanitos Verdes have been awarded in many architectural competitions, both nationals and internationals and are committed to the diffusion of a contemporary architectural culture.

Hermanitos Verdes support the use and development of Free Software, and are the first architectural practice in italy completely implementing a free-software based workflow

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Have joined forces with HVA

  • Andrea Costa
  • Astrid Bennink
  • Alfredo Borghi
  • Chiara Prandini

For a stage at HVA wtite to: stage[at]hv-a.com

Friends / We like

paula nolff herrera

born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1965, from chilean parents. Her father, a United Nations' economist , worked as chief executive officer for chilean republic's president Salvador Allende. Exiled with her family after the "golpe" of 1973, she lives in Venezuela and in Nicaragua during the revolutionary Sandinist government, then moves to Spain, where she takes a degree in architecture at the ETSAM (Madrid) in 1997. Since 1998 has been living in Italy. She's got a seven-years-old daughter named Violeta.paula |at| hv-a.com

francesco fantoni

born in Modena in 1968, studies architecture in Venice (IUAV) and Paris, degree in 1995. Since then lives and works in Modena. He's a designer and can code in Python, Javascript and PHP. He's got a seven-years-old daughter named Violeta.francesco |at| hv-a.com

giuseppe caruso

born in Modena in 1968, studies architecture in Venice (IUAV) and Paris, degree in 1998. Since then lives and works in Modena. He's got two daughters named Mila and Maia.peppe |at| hv-a.com

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