trial version

a trial Microsoft Windows binary can be downloaded here

Version 1.2 has all new features of development version, except kinect integration and timeline.

IMPORTANT: Windows 1.2 version is affected by a known nasty bug of OpenFrameworks that causes troubles with data path on windows  if you load images or video files from a directory other than the LPMT root directory.  Before loading  images or video files, please move the files to the same directory where LPMT application resides.

Trial version is limited to five projection surfaces and is watermarked, you are encouraged to download and test it
to see whether it meets your requirements.
Be aware that Windows version is still to be considered experimental and not all the features are guaranteed to work, there are some known bugs that we will try to fix sooner or later.
To use video materials in projection surface you must have Apple Quicktime installed on your system, you can freely download it at Apple download site
N.B. not all video codecs are supported by Apple Quicktime out of the box, but if a video is playable in Quicktime Player, then it should be suitable as material for you projections in LPMT.


full version

If you find LPMT useful for your projection-mapping projects, we provide for your convenience a full Windows binary version for which we charge a special fee of 25 euros as a contribute to LPMT development.
You can order it CLICKING HERE
You are warmly invited to test trial version before ordering the full-version LPMT

You will receive an automatic email with a download link for your copy of LPMT binary containing both 1.2 and 1.4 experimental versions.

Windows pre-compiled binaries have been tested on Windows 7 and Windows Xp only.