03/05/14 – There is life on LPMT! it’s been a long time since last news, but we have some interesting ones: actually we are working on porting LPMT to ARM architecture, in order to have easily portable, cheap, and low-energy-consumption projection-mapping machines. Let’s start the mobile projection-mapping revolution.

09/07/12 – Uploaded new Mac Osx version, with midi support and a bunch of shiny new features. give it a try!
07/07/12 – LOTS OF NEW FEATURES LANDING ON LPMT: midi support, more OSC, editable slider values on gui, shared-videos,
rotation of surfaces with mouse, automatic projection mode at startup…
12/05/12 – NEW FEATURE: great usability enhancements! now you can copy settings from one LPMT surface and paste them to another.
added the possibility to turn-off surfaces’ corners snapping too
11/05/12 – NEW DOC: made available for downloading first draft of LPMT’S SSSM (lpmt’s super-sexy secret manual)
04/05/12 – NEW FEATURE: rectangular and circular cropping mask (and some bug solved)
20/04/12 – NEW BINARY FOR LINUX 32 BIT: 1.4beta for linux 32 is available too for downloading
18/04/12 – NEW BINARY FOR LINUX 64 BIT: a new binary version (1.4beta) for linux 64 is available for download on the linux sownload page
05/04/12 – NEW FEATURE:  added multi-camera support. wonderful possibilities on linux using virtual video devices thanks to v4l2loopback
16/03/12 – NEW WINDOWS VERSION: 1.2 version for windows is available for downloading (kinect and timeline not included)
10/03/12 – NEW VERSION: we have at last an official Mac osX version of LPMT, and it comes with Syphon support for integration with other software
03/02/12 – NEW FEATURE PREVIEW: adding a timeline to LPMT, with it you can easily control projection timing and several parameters, see an example: here
18/01/12 – NEW FEATURE: grid-warping, with user-defined grid density
10/01/12 – added a MacOSX binary version to download page, gently provided by Roy
09/01/12 – NEW FEATURE: added experimental realtime live-masking with Kinect
02/01/12 – first new feature of the year: added the possibility of moving a quad by dragging its centroid
28/12/11 – NEW FEATURE: bezier-warping for projection on curved surfaces
10/12/11 – Updated Linux 64 binary to latest development version, including masking system.
07/12/11 – NEW POWERFUL FEATURE: now LPMT has on-screen-editable masks, masks can be drawn directly on projection surfaces and used even in reverse mode.
05/12/11 – added the possibility to load an image from disk and use it as a background for quads setup, it was already possible to load a webcam frame. keys are repectively ‘W’ and ‘w’
01/12/11 – LPMT 1.0 has been released today with a lot of nice and powerful new features (like Edge Blending for multiple projectors), see Release notes to know more.
20/11/11 – Approaching 1.0 Release, with exciting new features! stay tuned!
09/11/11 – Now you can flip horizontally and/or vertically images, videos and live-cam feed in quads
21/09/11 – COOL NEW FEATURE: now you can control and setup
LPMT through an exaustive set of OSC messages
18/09/11 – NEW FEATURES: added the possibility to use
a server in order to sync several LPMT clients, even running
on different machines controling multiple projectors.
Improved image loading into quads, now images can be retrieved
from every folder on your filesystem
14/09/11 – new repository for use with OF 007,
added ‘p’ key for starting projection and ‘o’ key for stopping it
updated linux 32bit binary to OF 007 too
07/09/11 – New binary for Windows
06/09/11 – Linux 64bit binary added
10/07/11 – LPMT discussion board is online
06/04/11 – Linux x86 binary provided
14/03/11 – Microsoft Windows binary provided
14/03/11 – experimental double-window version
GUI in its own window, you find it here
28/02/11 – experimental GLSL green-screen shader
26/02/11 – Added green-screening for video and live-cam
23/02/11 – Added control over looping mode for videos